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The 2023 Tailor-Made Style Sale

Be yourself. Sometimes this proves one of the most difficult things to do. Yet, when we are fully comfortable with ourselves – unafraid of our uniqueness and embrace the quirks – we fully become ourselves. That is a powerful state of being. And nowhere is this more apparent than in a man who knows how to dress to his individual style. 

The classics will last forever. How a gentleman shapes them to show who he is – to fully embrace himself – is ultimately what separates fine clothing from a defined style. 

With this in mind, I am announcing our 2023 Tailor-Made Style Sale and offering the special incentives of 10% off one custom-made piece of clothing, 15% off two and 20% off three. Think of it as less of a sale and more of an opportunity to show the best of who you are through an individual look molded from the forever styles. 

Speaking of the best, I am humbled to share that Steven Giles has been named a top 5 finalist in 405 Magazine’s Best of Men’s Clothing. It is an honor that I owe to you, our patrons. It is your taste, your individuality that allows me to do what I love – find the perfect clothing for a gentleman and tailor it perfectly to him. 

I hope to see you in our new storefront at the Benz at 1225 N. Broadway Avenue. Walk through our doors and we can begin the process of building your individual style together – and with a special incentive of up to 20 percent off. 


Stay Stylish,

Steven Giles

Steven Giles