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Quantity follows quality

“By choosing quality first, we can build a wardrobe that covers all occasions without becoming cumbersome.”

Quantity follows quality.

It’s easy to feel the difference between a hand-worked, one of a kind garment and the sort of mass-produced clothes that seem destined to cover every conceivable shape without ever truly fitting.

“Part of what we do is curate a selection of clothes,” says Steven Giles. “With decades of experience comes a keen eye for both luxurious qualities and wear ability of fabric selections the nuances of better made and discernment of style that is both timely and timeless.”

Few of us can afford an entirely new wardrobe each season, but a well-dressed man doesn’t need a closet bursting with clothes he’ll only wear once. Buy slowly, carefully. Every garment that becomes a part of your collection should be something you want to wear for years to come.

“Over time, you will find that the essentials to your personal style stay true,” Giles says. “Investing in a piece that can be worn, washed, cared for and worn again makes sense.”

In a world that often seems utterly disposable, a well-made pair of pants, an impeccably tailored suit and a quality shirt will stay with you like old friends. They fit. They feel right. That’s a relationship worth any cost.