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Holiday 2020

Timeless Wishes & Our Gift to You...$50 off $250.
Timeless Wishes & Our Gift to You...$50 off $250.
A Time for Tradition.

For 15 years, it has been my honor to clothe what I have come to call “timeless gentlemen.” Traditionally stylish men whose clothes don’t make them, but rather highlight who they are: a hard worker on a successful career path, the fun yet reliable friend, the confident man about town, the family man who always makes sure his loved ones are cared for, no matter what it may take.

That is who you are and it has been a privilege to be your “wardrobe manager” all these years. I’m truly humbled by the trust you’ve put in me to make sure you always look your finest.

I realize this has been a year of challenge. Much has changed, but the foundations of traditional style and the timeless gentlemen who embody it, remain the same. Which is why it is my pleasure to offer you $50* towards your next purchase in keeping with that enduring tradition of polished style.
I look forward to seeing  you soon in this year or the next, and I wish you and your loved ones a truly beautiful holiday.


Steven M. Giles

*on a purchase of $250 or more
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