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Fit and Tailoring is Everything: The Tailor-Made Style Sale

Fit and Tailoring Is Everything
Fit and Tailoring Is Everything

You may have heard me say this before, but its importance necessitates I say often: fit and tailoring is everything.  It’s why, for me, “bespoke” is more than a fancy word. It is the bedrock for crafting a timeless look, customized for the modern gentleman.

Tailor-Made Style Sale

Within our store the bespoke process – from the first, to the final stitch– is guided by the Steven Giles standard: custom tailoring sets the standard for dressing well, never to cause a measure of discomfort. Put simply, my job is to guide you in crafting a timeless wardrobe from Oklahoma’s finest clothing, customized completely for you and tailored perfectly around you.

I believe everyman deserves the same standard of excellence in clothing, which is why from today until the end of September, my Tailor-Made Style Sale is offering you 10% off 1 custom-made piece of clothing, 15% off 2 and 20% off 3

Whether we’ve worked together for years, or you’re new to the art of crafting a timeless wardrobe, I’ll hope you take advantage of this special incentive. Come to our store in Classen Curve, grab a drink and we can get the process of building your tailor-made wardrobe started together. You can also give me a call at 405-607-4633 or visit here to schedule your custom fitting.

Get Your Bespoke Look

Our tailor-made style sets the stage for defining who you are, before ever speaking a word. A non-verbal form of communication that, when done correctly, exudes confidence, shapes today’s modern gentleman and magnifies his best. 

That is the essence of bespoke – a tailor-made style any gentleman can be proud of. And that is exactly what I will create for you. 



Steven Giles

Steven Giles