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Fit and Tailoring are everything

“Fine clothing will never cause a measure of discomfort.” – Steven Giles

Fit and Tailoring are everthing

A fine single-malt scotch can linger tantalizingly on the taste buds or it can burn the tongue and turn bitter…not every liquor is right for every palate.

In men’s fashion, the same is true of fit. We are not some homogeneous race of men, identical in shape and size. To try and apply a one size fits associated with a specific fashion, to each of us as if we were is pure folly.

We, each of us, must find the style that fits us. But the journey isn’t over there, either. Fit gets the right liquor in your glass. Tailoring is allowing a bartender to customize that cocktail so it’s right for you.

“Beyond personal taste, there are the fundamentals of fit and tailoring,” says Steven Giles. “You should be able to move easily and without reasonable restrictions. Not only does proper fit and tailoring feel right physically, it’s also the key to appearing comfortable.”

Few looks are more striking than a man in a suit that seems, tip to toe, like it was built just for him. A man like that doesn’t have to work to be noticed.