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Fall Is Upon Us – Celebrate by Giving Back

The leaves are turning. Football is back, as are our flannels. Temperatures cool, as the days grow shorter. All these signs point to that special time of year, between summer and winter, when fashion is its most versatile: a sweater one day, a stylish shirt the next, a combination of the two always welcome. My friends, fall is upon us.

Fall is fashion. Fall is also the season that ushers in the warmest times, where giving to others is celebrated amongst us all. To celebrate this special time for fashion and for giving, I am humbled to announce our participation in the 23rd annual Premier Card Fundraiser.

By participating in this effort, you’ll be supporting the Payne Education Center’s teacher training programs and dyslexia advocacy efforts and, in return, you’ll receive up to 20% off in our store. Simply visit the Payne Education Center website, purchase a $50 Premier Card and visit us from Friday, October 28 to Sunday, November 6 to receive this special incentive. It’s a perfect way to build your timeless fall style, while giving back as you do so.

I hope to see you soon at our new storefront at The Benz, where together we can build a fall wardrobe that’ll impress in the months ahead and last for many seasons to come. That is the standard for every piece of clothing at Steven Giles, to last beyond the fleeting trends of the moment and truly be timeless.

Feel free to call us at 405-607-4633 before your visit with any questions. You can also set up a personal appointment by calling that same number or online here.

This year has been an evolution stitched in timeless style for us. Our new location at The Benz is the beginning of a new phase for Steven Giles. A phase where we bring our services of tailoring and fashion to the next level, while still adhering to the principles that make us timeless. Look at this special opportunity as a nod to that unique mixture of evolution and adherence to what makes fashion last the seasons, as well as an opportunity to give back.

Truly the essence of who we are.



Steven Giles

Steven Giles