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Dressing well is, in part, developing a personal style.

“A man who chases trends will forever be out of style”- Steven Giles

Dressing well is, in part, developing a personal style

Trends should come to you, not the other way around.

In the world of men’s clothing, there are trends–fleeting bursts of ephemera, coming and going with alarming rapidity–and there is style.

Having a personal style is a facet of knowing yourself as a man,” says Giles. “Fine clothing never goes out of style. It adapts. It endures. It is an expression of who you are at the core radiating outward for others to see.

Personal style is not stagnant. It evolves with time, as do we as individuals.

Inside the walls of Steven Giles Clothing, you are safe to explore the pieces that speak to you and find the clothing that gives you a voice that needs not yell to command attention.

Find your own style and you will have found a measure of yourself.