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Communicating Confidence – Our Tailor-Made Style Sale

How we communicate defines who we are. Not only in what is spoken, but just as importantly, how we speak without words. Our expressions, our gestures and both what we wear and how we wear it.

Fashion that is truly unique, one-of-a-kind and solely one’s own is an expression of confidence. Sporting a bespoke suit or an outfit made only for oneself, designed uniquely for you and tailored perfectly to you, is also an expression of character via a language spoken by one of our most influential communication tools: our clothing.

A bespoke suit conveys force at the office, a tailored dress shirt exudes confidence when dining with friends and a gentleman sporting a custom-made outfit, from head to toe, is timeless. I believe every man deserves that same poise, confidence and character, which is why I am announcing our Steven Giles Tailor-Made Style Sale. To assist you in building a custom wardrobe, this sale is offering 10% off one custom item, 15% off two custom items and 20% off three or more custom items.

When I spend time with a client, the bespoke process – from picking a custom fabric to ensuring your clothing is tailored to a fit best for you – is guided by a standard. Custom tailoring sets the standard for dressing well, never to cause a measure of discomfort. Put simply, my job is to guide you in crafting a timeless fashion that communicates your unique, individual character. Every gentleman has it. Clothing can showcase it.

I look forward to helping you showcase yours. And I look forward to seeing you in our store.


Steven Giles

Steven Giles