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Celebrating Independence Through Style

The fireworks may be over, but our celebration of independence should never end. What better expression of independence – of our personal freedom – than one’s personal style? Yes, there are rules: a gentleman’s clothing should be thoughtful and purposeful, be made of the highest quality and be fitted perfectly to him. But the essence of style is bringing out the essence of the gentleman and building a season of looks fitted within these rules.

Creating looks rooted in timeless style, driven by individual expression free from the influence of the “look of the day.” To me, that is independence, and it should be celebrated in everything a man wears – from his jacket and shoes down to the buttons and stitches.

As such, it is my goal to make this the summer of style, by helping you craft your summer look and begin a new tradition of style.

To celebrate independence through style our Timeless Style Sale now has even greater incentives. From now until August 7, you’ll get 25% off one item, 40% off two like items and 50% off three like items. A special seasonal incentive designed to help you celebrate independence through timeless style.

It is my hope you’ll take advantage and that I’ll see you soon in our store in Classen Curve. You can also call us at 405-607-4633 or visit here to schedule a custom fitting. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exciting announcements about our SG Timeless Style Sale.

As always, I’m here to help you craft your timeless wardrobe and give you a tailor-made look designed for you that fits perfectly to you.

Steven Giles

Steven Giles