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Fall 2019 Photo Shoot

We always enjoy sharing our behind the scenes pics of our photo shoots.  We recently completed our Fall 2019 shoot with the talented Charlie Neunschwander.  Unlike his long challenging last name, Charlie is one of the most delightful, unassuming photographers… quiet but determined to get the correct shot.  Please enjoy a few of our favorite behind the scenes pics.

Check out more of Charlies’ work

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Spring 2019 Photo Shoot

Spring 2019 Photo Shoot with Simon Hurst, just a few of our favorites and a bit about Simon.

I was born and raised in England, travelled the world and have been settled in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for over 20 years.

I have an absolute passion for photography and light no matter what the subject: headshots, people, products and environments. With close to 2000 square feet of studio and the outside world….. I have no boundries.

My goal is to make it a fun, stress free experience. I enjoy working together with clients to develop and capture their creative vision. I am dedicated to making the right images and story for you.

Please email or call for more information about bookings or to request a portfolio review. You might even hear the rest of the story of how this Englishman wound up in Oklahoma.

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Balcones Distilling



In 2008, Balcones was nothing more than an idea driven by a passion to create something original and authentic, right here in the Heart of Texas. It all started in an old welding shop under a bridge in Waco. For the next year, we replaced the roofing, knocked out walls, laid brick, cut pipes, installed copper pot stills from Portugal, and shoehorned a whisky distillery inside that quaint building. Proud of what we had accomplished on our own, we began distilling in 2009.

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Dr. Carter Johnston, O.D.

I was born in Oklahoma City in 1969. I grew up a few miles from the Mercy Health Center Campus where I currently have an office. I attended Bishop McGuinness High School and played varsity basketball for 4 years. I then traveled to Colorado Springs and attended Colorado College, graduating in 1991 with a B.A. in Biology. I started racing bicycles competitively at CC and continue to ride several times a week today.

I started Optometry School in 1995 at Northeastern State Oklahoma College of Optometry, finishing in 1999. I began working a few weeks later in The Tower on the Mercy Hospital Campus where my Dad, Dr. Jay,  has been in practice since the eighties, starting a second office there, after opening his initial office in downtown Oklahoma City in the heart of what is now midtown in 1971.

I have two wonderful children Gavin (Born 2003)and Phoebe (born 2007). When not at the office, I enjoy running,cycling and yoga. I used to swim as well and was a competitive triathlete for about 14 years competing in seven Ironman triathlons, two in Hawaii. I have represented the US as well at the amatuer Duathlon World Championships in 2006. I still ride several times a week and occasionlly race bikes on the weekends both on the road and cyclocross. I also enjoy following Formula one motor racing, skiing, Oklahoma football and the OKC Thunder.

I feel very fortunate to work with my Dad as an Optometrist in The Tower on the Mercy Campus. I have developed many great patient relationships since 1999 and I look forward to making many more in the future, and providing primary eyecare services to the people of central Oklahoma and the surrounding  communities.

What I enjoy most about primary eyecare is providing people with good clear vision and comfortable eyes. If people don’t see well, or their eyes constantly bother them, then the eyes become a focal point of stress, in addition to our other daily stressors. The challenge in eyecare is making sure the eyes are not a daily stressor to any patient. This is what makes going to work each day fun.

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A Renaissance Personified

Written by Greg Elwell

If we could use only one word that describes Bob Barnard, it would be passionate.

A man who lives his life according to the needs and wants of others is merely following. A man who follows his passions, even when it takes him off the beaten path, is a leader. And Barnard leads everywhere he goes.

Building a company. Racing exotic cars. Playing the piano. Volunteering in the community. Collecting fine art.

And, at Steven Giles Clothing, Barnard put together a wardrobe that is fashionable, attractive and, most important, utterly and completely Bob.

“I look for clothing that is classic. Timeless,” he said. “Clothes that feel comfortable and clothes that one feels comfortable in.”

Developing his style took time, but when he walks into the welcoming confines of the store now, the pieces that belong in his collection stand out plainly. That kind of thing tends to happen when you know yourself as well as Barnard does.

His love of exquisite clothing echoes through his other passions.

“What I love about clothes are the same things I love about exotic cars: the customization and the one-of-a-kind feel of real quality,” he said.

When man evolves beyond basic survival, he is free to become his true self. For Barnard that is finding meaning in everything, big or small. Whether it’s a piece of art that speaks to his soul, pushing an automobile to its absolute limits or taking time to help those less fortunate, he does it because it’s what he wants and needs to do.

So when he chooses what to wear, it is the ultimate marriage of form and function. When you live for passion, you dress for life.

Images courtesy of Simon Hurst Photography


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Behind the Scenes “A Renaissance Personified”


Behind the scenes watching our friend Simon create his art. Our “Spring 2018 photoshoot, great fun , great friends and a special thank you to Stella Modern Italian Cuisine, Simon Hurst Photography; most photogenic Mr. Brian Henson, Mr. Phil Carlson, and somehow in the picture Brent (we let him think he’s directing). Finally, to be sure, the results of which could not have been possible, but for the generosity of Mr., Mrs. Bob Barnard.

Images courtesy of Mr. Landon Klein

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Tie Day at John Marshall

What an honor it was to spend time with the students from John Marshall Mid/High and North Highland Elementary School. When we were first asked to participate in Tie Day, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. At Steven Giles, we realize how important it is to give back and be a part of the community and we had a lot of fun doing it. We spent the afternoon teaching the youth how to tie bow ties and neckties and they each got to take some home with them! We can’t wait to come back next year with even more ties! Let us know if you have some old ties laying around in your closet and we can take them off your hands! Much like clothing, little things can have a big impact.


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Holiday Party 2017

We had so much fun hosting Garrett and friends for the Classen Curve Holiday Party! At 12 months old, Garrett attended his one year check at which his pediatrician notice he wasn’t gaining weight at the pace he should. Chest X-rays were taken, bloodwork was done and a follow-up appoinment was scheduled. However, Garrett became severly ill before the appointment. A trip to an after hours clinic sent him to Children’s Hospital were Garrett was diagnosed with Hirshsprung’s Disease. His colon was completely blocked and he required immediate surgery. Garrett continues to work with Dr. Robert Letton to conquer his disease. Garrett enjoys playing basketball and going to the park. When he grows up he wants to be Rumble the Bison.


Garrett had a blast selling and autographing calendars from the Children’s Hospital that featured miracle children from the Children’s Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this a special evening. We would like to extend a secial thank you to John Marshall High School & Quail Creek Elementary who provided the night with Christmas music!

Merry Christmas from Steven Giles!