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The Steven Giles 2021 Fall Collection

With fall comes an opportunity for fashion, a timeless style crafted from the more muted colors but designed to speak exactly to who you are. Tweed jackets, wool sweaters, suede shoes, pocket squares that bring life to greys of the season and, of course, the classic suit, perfectly fitted for you and to you. For the modern gentleman’s wardrobe, these are the foundations of fall, foundations upon which the high quality and timeless appeal of our 2021 Fall Collection is built.

I believe fall is a time for building. I also believe it ushers us into a season of giving. With these in mind, I am happy to announce our participation in the 22nd annual Premier Card fundraiser.

By participating in this effort, you’ll be supporting the Payne Education Center’s teacher training programs and dyslexia advocacy efforts and, in return, you’ll receive up to 20% off in our store. Simply visit the Payne Education Center website, purchase a $50 Premier Card and visit us between October 22 and October 31 to receive this special incentive. It’s a perfect way to build your timeless fall style, while giving back as you do so.

Whether we’ve worked together for years, or you’re new to the art of crafting a timeless wardrobe, I’ll hope you take advantage of this special incentive. Our store is a place where we embrace the rich history and heritage of dressing correctly, dressing with purpose, yet reserving a bit of irreverence for individual expression. A place where I’ll be ready to assist your style from first stitch to final fitting.

Walk inside our doors and together, we’ll be ready to begin the process of building your fall wardrobe that’ll endure seasons. You can also give me a call at 405-607-4633 or visit here to schedule your custom fitting.

It is my job to guide you in crafting a timeless style from the finest clothing, customized completely for you and tailored perfectly around you. It’s what I love to do. It’s what I look forward to doing for you.



Steven Giles

Steven Giles