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Announcing The SG Tailor-Made Style Sale

Announcing The SG Tailor-Made Sale

From locally owned clothiers to the big retail stores, when it comes to styling men, the word “bespoke” is too often thrown around. A so-called influencer on social media claims the suit he is wearing is “bespoke,” while the outlet store at the mall claims the ill-fitting suit they’re wanting to sell is “bespoke.”

Like those who overuse the word “love” without ever experiencing it or claim patriotism without understanding civic duty, those who push “bespoke” without living it, understanding it and being fully committed to it are doing a disservice. A disservice that we at Steven Giles come into work every day to overturn. Because to us, “bespoke” is more than a fancy word. It is the bedrock for crafting a timeless look, customized for the modern gentleman.

Steven Giles Tailor-Made Sale

When I spend time with a client, the bespoke process – from picking a custom fabric to ensuring your clothing is tailored to a fit best for you – is guided by a standard: custom tailoring sets the standard for dressing well, never to cause a measure of discomfort. Put simply, my job is to guide you in crafting a timeless wardrobe from Oklahoma’s finest clothing, customized completely for you and tailored perfectly around you.

A timeless, tailor-made wardrobe pays off, because it magnifies the best attributes of gentlemen: subtle style, humble confidence, an understanding of who they are. These are the gentlemen I create tailor-made style for, and from now until April 6, I’ll be doing so at a perfect price, with 10% off 1 custom-made piece of clothing, 15% off 2 and 20% off 3.

Announcing The SG Tailor-Made Sale

We hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity by visiting our store in Classen Curve. You can also call us at 405-607-4633 or visit here to schedule a custom fitting. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exciting announcements about our SG Tailor-Made Style Sale.

As always, I’m here to help you craft your timeless wardrobe and give you a tailor-made look designed for you that fits perfectly to you.



Steven Giles

Steven Giles