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Announcing the 2022 Steven Giles Timeless Style Sale

As you may have heard, we’ve begun a new evolution, stitched from the very same principles of timeless style that have made us who we are for more than a decade.

The beginning of this evolution was our move to our temporary Steven Giles Studio, located next to Fassler Hall, 421 NW 10th Street, Suite 203-E, OKC 73103. If you haven’t already, come visit us. We look forward to it.

In celebration of our evolution, I am also excited to announce our 2022 Steven Giles Timeless Style Sale. The sale is intended to help you build a wardrobe that’ll last the seasons, with 25% off one item, 40% off two like items and 50% off three like items. I like to think of it as my way of saying thank you for the past 10 years and get ready for what’s coming next.

Speaking of what’s next, I’d also like to take this moment as an opportunity to encourage you to sign up for our newsletter here. It is the best way to stay in the know about all the exciting news to come as our evolution in timeless style unfolds. Exciting news like the permanent location we will soon move to.

It is my hope you’ll take advantage of this Timeless Style Sale and also the many opportunities for style to come. As always, it is my pleasure to help you pick a wardrobe suited uniquely for you and tailored perfectly to you. May the rest of your summer days be full of sun, joy and, of course, style.



Steven Giles

Steven Giles