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An Opportunity for Fashion with Savings and Styles

Whenever you tire of the cold winter days, just think to yourself: today is an opportunity to finish the season strong. Indeed, today is an opportunity for fashion, to build a wardrobe from fine clothing made timeless for many seasons to come.

To celebrate, I’m making that opportunity even more enticing by offering 60% off and more storewide, through our Steven Giles Timeless Style Sale, to help you craft a wardrobe made for today’s modern gentleman. Sales prices on select clothing will be even more impressive.

The new incentive begins today, offering perfect prices to build looks that’ll last for many, many tomorrows. Looks that go beyond the trend of the moment, take inspiration from classics of the past and will remain timeless far into the future.

We began this year with our annual Steven Giles Timeless Style Sale, to help you craft a wardrobe built on these principles of the classics and I’ve extended the timing and savings because I truly believe every gentleman deserves a fashion that magnifies the best of who he is. That is what every piece of clothing in my store is meant to do, especially when paired perfectly for you and tailored specifically to you.

This is what I love to do: provide the opportunity for a gentleman’s clothing to open new doors and new chapters. And it’s what I’d love to do for you in our store at Classen Curve, now at 60% off and more storewide.

Together we can finish this winter strong, making every day an opportunity for fashion.


Steven Giles

Steven Giles