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A Gift for You This Holiday: $50 off $250

The holidays are upon us. A magical time of year filled with friends, family and, of course, fashion. To celebrate, I’m offering $50 off purchases of $250 or more. It is my way of saying thank you for your patronage this holiday season – my gift to you and the perfect way for us to build your timeless wardrobe together.

Recently, I recalled one of the great holiday classics – A Christmas Carol. In many ways, I found our year at Steven Giles to be much like the journey of this timeless tale, which is why, this year we celebrate the holidays inspired by the past, defining the present and with plans to seize the future.

As always, our clothing is based upon the wardrobe essentials – the classics, the standards, the forever in styles. They’re what Steven Giles is built upon. Inspired by the past, always with an eye toward what comes next.

As we are built upon the timeless inspirations of the past, we define the present. We take that foundation and, around it, stitch modern twists and details so a gentleman looks his best today and for the many celebrations to come. When you know where you come from, what works and who you are, defining the moment becomes possible.

We’ll end this year seizing the future, in our permanent new storefront in the Benz. 1225 N Broadway Avenue, The Benz, is located in historic Automobile Alley in the old Mercedes Benz Building. Today, the area is home to some of Oklahoma City’s most notable locations including Tesla, Broadway 10, Forma Optics and Art and Coffee Slingers. This new location and building will put us on the forefront of modern fashion for Oklahoma’s timeless gentleman.

In every moment, yesterday, today and tomorrow, the most important factor has been you. Without you, without the timeless gentlemen we proudly dress and tailor, Steven Giles would be little more than an ambition. With you, it is a tangible. An outfit, a style, the suit in your closet, the sweater you’ll wear this Christmas, the memory to be shared for years to come.

Thank you for the past, for this moment and for what’s to come. May you and your loved ones have the most blessed of holidays this year and may the New Year be your most prosperous and, of course, most fashionable.

Truly the essence of who we are.


Steven Giles

Steven Giles