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60% Off and More Storewide: A Fashionable Close to our Timeless Style Sale

Bright colors. Classic cuts. Patterned shorts. Striped shirts. The classic polo. Summer style is more than a look. It’s a feeling. One of fun, of freedom, of happy memories. It’s a style to be celebrated and I’m excited to announce we are doing just that with 60% off and more storewide from August 11-13.

Build upon your summer style or get started on fall. The defining attribute of every piece of clothing at Steven Giles is that it lasts well beyond the trend of the moment and can be worn for seasons to come. Truly timeless style, suited uniquely for you and tailored perfectly to you.

There truly has been much to celebrate this summer. So as we bring our Timeless Style Sale to a fashionable close, I’m excited to announce that every purchase will enter you to win a custom-made jacket. 60% off and a chance to win, happening at our temporary Steven Giles Studio, located next to Fassler Hall, 421 NW 10th Street, Suite 203-E, OKC 73103. Food and drinks, as well as friends and, of course, fashion will also be served.

Every gentleman deserves a style that serves him. I’m here to help you find it, wear it and build upon it.


Steven Giles

Steven Giles