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Simonnot- Godard

The house was founded in 1787 by Monsieur Beaurain, a batiste handkerchief salesman, who set up a small shop in the Palais Royal neighborhood of Paris. In 1830, a retiring Monsieur Beaurain left the business to his employee, Auguste Godard.

But, it was when Auguste Godard’s daughter, Marie Godard, married victor Simonnot, (at the time, a client of Marie’s father), that the brand established the name, Simonot Godard, that is still holds proudly today.

Today, every Simonnot Godard handkerchief is exclusively woven. For each collection, the house’s wonderful archives are researched in-depth and serve as a source of inspiration out of which designs and motives that are part of our history are created – some of which are strictly historical, and others that we then reinterpret with contemporary twist.

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Dressing well is, in part, developing a personal style.

“A man who chases trends will forever be out of style”- Steven Giles

Dressing well is, in part, developing a personal style

Trends should come to you, not the other way around.

In the world of men’s clothing, there are trends–fleeting bursts of ephemera, coming and going with alarming rapidity–and there is style.

Having a personal style is a facet of knowing yourself as a man,” says Giles. “Fine clothing never goes out of style. It adapts. It endures. It is an expression of who you are at the core radiating outward for others to see.

Personal style is not stagnant. It evolves with time, as do we as individuals.

Inside the walls of Steven Giles Clothing, you are safe to explore the pieces that speak to you and find the clothing that gives you a voice that needs not yell to command attention.

Find your own style and you will have found a measure of yourself.


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Tie Day at John Marshall

What an honor it was to spend time with the students from John Marshall Mid/High and North Highland Elementary School. When we were first asked to participate in Tie Day, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. At Steven Giles, we realize how important it is to give back and be a part of the community and we had a lot of fun doing it. We spent the afternoon teaching the youth how to tie bow ties and neckties and they each got to take some home with them! We can’t wait to come back next year with even more ties! Let us know if you have some old ties laying around in your closet and we can take them off your hands! Much like clothing, little things can have a big impact.