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Holiday Party 2017

We had so much fun hosting Garrett and friends for the Classen Curve Holiday Party! At 12 months old, Garrett attended his one year check at which his pediatrician notice he wasn’t gaining weight at the pace he should. Chest X-rays were taken, bloodwork was done and a follow-up appoinment was scheduled. However, Garrett became severly ill before the appointment. A trip to an after hours clinic sent him to Children’s Hospital were Garrett was diagnosed with Hirshsprung’s Disease. His colon was completely blocked and he required immediate surgery. Garrett continues to work with Dr. Robert Letton to conquer his disease. Garrett enjoys playing basketball and going to the park. When he grows up he wants to be Rumble the Bison.


Garrett had a blast selling and autographing calendars from the Children’s Hospital that featured miracle children from the Children’s Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this a special evening. We would like to extend a secial thank you to John Marshall High School & Quail Creek Elementary who provided the night with Christmas music!

Merry Christmas from Steven Giles!


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Fall Photoshoot

We had so much fun with our fall photoshoot with the help of good drinks and great friends. Oh, and a little bit of cornhole!


Special thanks to The Jones Assembly for allowing us to use their amazing venue

and to Cryder Marketing and Advertising. We couldn’t have done it without you!







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Premier Card 2017

Celebrating its 18th year, Premier Card is one of the most anticipated fundraising events of the season! Shoppers give $50 and get their Premier Card from any participating OKC, Edmond, or Norman merchant. In return, participating merchants offer an up to 20% discount to Premier Card holders during the 10-day event. All proceeds are used to fund Payne Education Center’s teacher training programs and dyslexia advocacy efforts.