“If you are not prepared to attend a black-tie event, why would you consider attending?” – Steven Giles

Formal events happen. Own a tuxedo.

Imagine an island surrounded on all sides by high cliffs. It could be a utopia, but for the lack of fences around the edge. Would the people roam freely or would they stay huddled in the center of the island, fearful of the fall awaiting anyone who roams too close to the edge?


But put up barriers that lie between the people and the dangerous border–and watch them move unfettered within the island’s boundaries.


In a way, the same is true of fashion, says Steven Giles. There are rules, not to stifle creativity and individuality, but to allow a freedom within those ideas.


This is what we hope to give others, he says. We are not here to impose rules, but to recognize them and find our own style inside them.


It is not daring to show up to a black tie affair in something besides a tuxedo–it’s disrespectful.


“Wearing a tuxedo to a black-tie affair is a token of respect for the host and the event,” he says. “Finding the right fit and fashion for your tuxedo–that’s something in which we can help.”