“Your day certainly can be one of less serious intentions, but there’s no reason not to dress respectfully.” – Steven Giles


Overdress rather than underdressed.


There’s no such thing as Casual Friday.


“What is casual Friday? A reward for people whom dressing well is a burden,” says Steven Giles. “When we take joy in our clothing, understanding its importance, to dress down is not a reasonable consideration”


When someone mentions that you’re “all dressed up,” that’s a compliment. Your reply should not be haughty, but gracious–a simple thank you, because you are dressed up and ready for whatever the day might bring.


No one is saying to wear a tuxedo to the office picnic, but rather to recognize the occasion–drinks after work, a meeting with new clients–and dress to fit it.


“If you’re the best-dressed person at a party, then you’ve done it right,” he says. “Because at the core of being well dressed is a comfort, an ease of self, a confidence in who you are. You wear the best because you like the best. Anything else is irrelevant.”