16 Feb

Rule 003


“There are some things every man should know. How to pen a short note. How to give a toast. How to listen to a woman. And, for any man who cares about his appearance, there are few skills more fundamental than tying your necktie correctly, preferably a four-in-hand knot.” -Steven Giles
The beauty of the four-in-hand knot lies in its simplicity. When crafting one’s personal style, there is a subtle, self-assured nature to the knot. “This knot

15 Dec

Rule 002.


“Toss a stone in a pond and it will make a splash,” says Steven Giles. “But once the ripples die down, few remember the stone.” -Steven Giles
The same is true in fashion. A bold style may draw brief attention, but it doesn’t hold the eye the way a classic and well-tailored look can. A true authority of menswear, Giles knows fads are a given in his line of work. But look to past eras and

24 Nov

Rule 001.


“Dressing well is your most powerful non-verbal communication tool.” — Steven Giles
Sitting down with Steven Giles, owner of the eponymous men’s fashion clothier, is a master class in the joy of purposeful dress. Neither the occasion nor the man dictates the perfect outfit, but a marriage of the two. “It is style that speaks,” says Giles. “You can speak volumes without saying a word. Your style shows respect for yourself and others.”
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