19 Oct

Rule 008

 “If you are not prepared to attend a black-tie event, why would you consider attending?” - Steven Giles
Formal events happen. Own a tuxedo. Imagine an island surrounded on all sides by high cliffs. It could be a utopia, but for the lack of fences around the edge. Would the people roam freely or would they stay huddled in the center of the island, fearful of the fall awaiting anyone who roams too close to the edge?   But

28 Apr

Rule 007

“An alligator is not a crocodile and a suit coat is not a sport jacket.” - Steven Giles
Sport coats and suit coats are not the same.   Sport jackets are exactly what they sound like--jackets for sport.  A less-formal coat, usually styled of bolder details, patterns and colors, made with a sturdier fabric and looser fit, it was originally designed as a garment for gentlemen who hunted in the morning.   The Sport Jacket today while only loosely retaining

14 Apr

Rule 006

“Your day certainly can be one of less serious intentions, but there’s no reason not to dress respectfully.” - Steven Giles
  Overdress rather than underdressed.   There’s no such thing as Casual Friday.   “What is casual Friday? A reward for people whom dressing well is a burden,” says Steven Giles. “When we take joy in our clothing, understanding its importance, to dress down is not a reasonable consideration”   When someone mentions that you’re “all dressed up,” that’s a compliment. Your

30 Mar

Rule 005

“Fine clothing will never cause a measure of discomfort.” - Steven Giles
  Fit and tailoring are everything.   A fine single-malt scotch can linger tantalizingly on the taste buds or it can burn the tongue and turn bitter…not every liquor is right for every palate.   In men’s fashion, the same is true of fit. We are not some homogeneous race of men, identical in shape and size. To try and apply a one size fits associated with a specific

18 Mar

Rule 004

“Great style cannot be ignored. Doors just become a bit easier to open when dressed well.” - Steven Giles  
Spring clothing in the spring, fall clothing in the fall complimented with year round weights.   A well-dressed man has a presence about him. Clothes do not make the man--but they do enhance him. He is allowed to be himself in a way, freed from the burden of physical and social discomforts. It’s easier to be heard when people

16 Feb

Rule 003


“There are some things every man should know. How to pen a short note. How to give a toast. How to listen to a woman. And, for any man who cares about his appearance, there are few skills more fundamental than tying your necktie correctly, preferably a four-in-hand knot.” -Steven Giles
The beauty of the four-in-hand knot lies in its simplicity. When crafting one’s personal style, there is a subtle, self-assured nature to the knot. “This knot

15 Dec

Rule 002.


“Toss a stone in a pond and it will make a splash,” says Steven Giles. “But once the ripples die down, few remember the stone.” -Steven Giles
The same is true in fashion. A bold style may draw brief attention, but it doesn’t hold the eye the way a classic and well-tailored look can. A true authority of menswear, Giles knows fads are a given in his line of work. But look to past eras and

24 Nov

Rule 001.


“Dressing well is your most powerful non-verbal communication tool.” — Steven Giles
Sitting down with Steven Giles, owner of the eponymous men’s fashion clothier, is a master class in the joy of purposeful dress. Neither the occasion nor the man dictates the perfect outfit, but a marriage of the two. “It is style that speaks,” says Giles. “You can speak volumes without saying a word. Your style shows respect for yourself and others.”
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