Because it matters … Steven Giles embraces the rich history and heritage of dressing correctly, dressing with purpose, yet reserves a bit of irreverence for individual expression.

We have always been intrigued, impressed, and perhaps a bit envious, of those who were so well dressed.  Theirs was a presence demanding attention to detail, tailored precision, and clothing of character.  Over the years gentlemen of all ages have been captivated by the art of dressing well and to that end, we too are committed to this time honored tradition. Influenced by British detail and correctness, Italian luxury and charm and a James Dean attitude; Steven Giles style, our look, is quite simply, clothing of character, a joy to wear.
Steven Giles is an extension of a culture once only the domain of the exclusive custom tailor.  Absolutely a gentlemen’s clothier, both a complete attire companion and essential guide to style for those who seek the finest of clothing for today’s lifestyles. Established in 2005, today we are excited that our business is growing, but most gratified to know that our commitment to a timeless style of quality and character is shared by our most important constituency, our customer.







 As part of our commitment to our community, we are proud sponsors of the following charitable organizations:

Additional Credits: || Photography: Landon Klein