28 Apr

Rule 007

“An alligator is not a crocodile and a suit coat is not a sport jacket.” - Steven Giles
Sport coats and suit coats are not the same.   Sport jackets are exactly what they sound like--jackets for sport.  A less-formal coat, usually styled of bolder details, patterns and colors, made with a sturdier fabric and looser fit, it was originally designed as a garment for gentlemen who hunted in the morning.   The Sport Jacket today while only loosely retaining

14 Apr

Rule 006

“Your day certainly can be one of less serious intentions, but there’s no reason not to dress respectfully.” - Steven Giles
  Overdress rather than underdressed.   There’s no such thing as Casual Friday.   “What is casual Friday? A reward for people whom dressing well is a burden,” says Steven Giles. “When we take joy in our clothing, understanding its importance, to dress down is not a reasonable consideration”   When someone mentions that you’re “all dressed up,” that’s a compliment. Your