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    EST. 2005 | Oklahoma City

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We have always been intrigued, impressed and, perhaps, a bit envious of those who were so well dressed. Theirs was a presence of elegance, demanding attention to detail, tailored precision, clothing of character. An art, we were not the first to notice. Over the years gentlemen of all ages have been captivated by the art of dressing well and to that end we, too, are committed to this time honored tradition.

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Dressing well is your most powerful nonverbal communication tool.



For those who seek the finest of clothing for today’s lifestyle, Steven Giles is pleased to present Bespoke and Custom offerings from tailoring houses that continue the Savile Row benchmark “standard of excellence”, Eidos, Caruso, Richard Greico, and Sameulsohn.


Awareness of, rather than ignorance of, the rules is the distinguishing characteristic of dressing well.


Visit Steven Giles in Oklahoma City at Classen Curve. Our store is at your service Monday - Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm.  Have a clothing need, a question, or just to look at what's new - we are always available.

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When it comes to talking, we prefer face-to-face, then telephone. However, we are learning that we enjoy connecting with our customers in a myriad of new ways. Follow us on your favorite social networks and take a peek at the world of gentlemen’s style in Oklahoma City.